How Do We Create Curriculum on Topics We Don’t Know?

We have clients come to us with all kinds of online course design needs. Some have a live workshop they’ve been putting on for years or a published book and just want to shift into a digital product and a more passive income strategy. Others dump a ton of audio recordings, videos, other courses they like, or even a textbook onto our proverbial desks and ask if we can make something out of it.

And we say yes, ABSOLUTELY.

Nothing gets us more excited then a big mass of content that needs to be sorted into a curriculum plan and then turned into something shiny and new.

Frankly, we’ve been doing this awhile.

Everyone on the team have been developing online courses for clients exclusively for many years. We are able to quickly and easily put together program content because our eyes and minds are trained to put things together in that way. After creating over 15 courses from scratch…this stuff is pretty straightforward for eLearning educators like us.

Curation vs. Creation

One thing we like to make clear with clients handing us a bunch of their content is that it’s not creation as much as it’s curation. We are just taking your content, repurposing it, and then filling in the blanks. The heart of online course design is mapping out the content in order to achieve a transformation for the student. THAT’S what clients need from us most. That’s the heart of what we do.

We Become Experts

When we’ve created courses for surgeons, estheticians, traffic schools in countries we don’t even live in, digital self publishing, forgiveness…we didn’t know anything about those topics when we began. Through interviews and thorough research we are able to put together the curriculum plans, scripts, slides and worksheets for a complete course without the client having to do much of anything.

Team Work Makes the Dreamwork

By working with a team, you get a round table of experts for your online program development. We have resident experts in a variety of eLearning and topical areas. We’ve all come together to bring the best of the best to our clients course design. Former nurses, teachers, eCommerce, personal development, entrepreneurship, design, the lists are endless. And like I said, if we don’t know…we find out. Check out more about all the experts at your disposal when you work with us HERE.

I go into more details about how this works in THIS video you can check out and if you are ready to hand over the reins of your course so you can GET IT DONE then I encourage you to book your complimentary consultation now HERE.

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