3 Lessons From Our Rebrand You Can Use to Brand Your Online Course

Taking on a business or online course branding project is no small feat. ‘Branding’ sounds like such a simple word, when in reality it means a new logo with multiple variations, new fonts, colors, images, website, business cards, social media handles and all images on those channels, new email signatures and emails…just to name a few.

Basically, a new brand is A BIG DEAL. Branding an online course isn’t quite as intensive but you do need to take a few things into account. Here’s our 3 reasons we did a rebrand and the lessons you can learn from us to apply to branding your online course, membership site or program.

Ensure the Name is Reflective of What You Actually Do

When I named my company 5 years ago it was just me doing a bunch of virtual assistant, digital marketing, content marketing and product development work so I threw it all under the name Esther Marie Creative to reflect that it was me doing a bunch of things. However, the name didn’t actually reflect what exactly we did. ‘Creative’ was ambiguous and reminded people of a creative Ad agency which wasn’t what I did at all.

Here’s why this matters for your online course…

Your audience need to be able to look at the name of your online course and know exactly what the benefit is and who it’s for. I go into this deeper in my post about naming your eCourse so it sells HERE you should check out if this is something you are stuck on.

We’ve renamed ourselves The Content Bank because we wanted clients to know we developed tons of content and that it made them money. Our byline ‘monetize your expertise’ was specific so our audience know what we do when they read it.  

Can This Grow With Me?

I thought Esther Marie Creative could grow with me like those agency names you see on TV with people’s last names. I imagined lots of people working for me someday happily under my name. While this may be true in some niches, in the online world I didn’t have a name that could properly grow with me.

As I shifted from a soloprenuer…to a soloprenuer with an occasional assistant writer and web developer…to now a team of over 10 women working around the world. I needed a name that reflected EVERYONE and all that we did. Not just me scribbling away in my home office.

Consider this lesson when crafting your online course or program. Does the name limit you in what you can include? Are you niching it down SO much it can never grow beyond you?

A Brand Isn’t Just Based on my Favorite Mood Board

If I see one more supposed ‘brand consultant’ try to put a brand together for a client based on a mood board I am going to cry. Honestly, your brand has NOTHING to do with your mood or favorite pins on Pinterest. I made this mistake when I branded Esther Marie Creative. I kept listening to the personal brand gurus in the industry say ‘your brand should reflect you!’ and thought that meant I could pick pink, gold polka dots, swirly fonts and call it a day.

A brand is developed around who your audience is, what they are going to resonate with, what you want people to think and feel when they see your brand, and many more marketing layers you cannot possibly fathom by handing a mood board over to a graphic designer.

Remember this when crafting your online courses brand. Remember, the course is not the same name or branding as your business brand. You need to consider exactly the feeling you want your audience to have when they look at it AND their demographics.

We needed to shift from pink and polka dots into:

  • Masculine because 75% of our clients are male
  • Use colors, tone, themes that reflect how we make money for our clients
  • Attract the higher end clients we tend to work with

So now you’ll see a ton of emerald and gold, we actively studied color theory and multiple brands with our same target market. We kept some soft pinks because we are female owned and I would cry without it, but it’s not our main color scheme now.

Join the ReBranding Party! We are celebrating YOU!

We are continuing to celebrate our rebrand over the coming months by honoring YOU our clients and followers with gifts we’ve released HERE like an eBook on crafting content rich workshops and the best part, there’s more to come!

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