Creating Your First Online Course- Step 3: Online Course Creator Tips and Tools

Creating the actual content for your online course can be daunting. I’ve put together the EXACT tools we use for our courses and what we recommend to clients that want to record their own!


First, specify how your content is going to be delivered?

If this is your first online course and you have very little budget then we recommend just creating slides with something like Google Slides, Keynote, or Microsoft PowerPoint. Use some beautifully branded slides with as many images as possible and just speak over the slides as if you were giving an online class.

You can record your voice over slides using Quicktime to capture the screen (it’ll also capture your voice) and just select the part of your screen that is the slides. Then you can add a professional introduction to each video, smooth transitions and do some light editing in a light video editing app such as iMovie.

Another fantastic software you can use is Camtasia. This does everything for you, allows you to record over the slides and make quick edits right away! It isn’t particularly cheap but will make the entire process a lot easier for you. When you are recording TONS of videos, this is actually an investment into saving you time.

Check out more about Camtasia >>HERE

How do I record the audio?

If you are on the low end of the budget, then a pair of headphones with a microphone in them should do the trick. Make sure they are decent headphones otherwise the audio is still ruined when your voice inflections go up a bit.


Yeti Mic

Otherwise, for not much more you can get yourself an amazing Yeti Mic which we LOVE and recommend to all of our clients. If you will be recording video at your desk then you can use this for on camera eCourse recordings too!

Check it out >>HERE

What about video?

At a minimum we always recommend making the welcome video and final wrap up video of your course done on camera. Then the content rich modules can be your voice over slides. Most of our clients hire our awesome video production team for a day or two of shooting their entire course, then we edit it all and finish it up for them.

However, if you need to DIY then you are going to need a great camera, background, and lighting.

Go Pro Hero 5

We love the simple, small and light weight Go Pro Hero 5 for your DIY eCourse recordings! It’s small and portable if you want to do some on location shoots, great resolution of video, simple editing, and can be repurposed for your social media needs.

Check it out >>HERE

Go Pro Accessories Kit

At a minimum to go with your Go Pro you need a little tri pod. This kit is inexpensive, comes with EVERYTHING you’ll need to use for your course recordings (and then some!) plus a nice box to carry everything in.

Check it out >>HERE

Lighting & Background Kit

If you want to just use natural light and a gorgeous outdoor background somewhere that’s a great idea. But it can be advantageous since theres always crazy noises, other people in the background or staring at you, and the lighting is iffy. A great solution is making a nice corner in your home or backyard look professional Or renting a conference room or nice hotel room for the night. You want the environment to be on brand so it should be an aesthetic and colors that match your business or course branding.

For indoor shooting or on location shooting you can’t quite depend on the sunshine for we recommend the following light and background kit…

Check it out >>HERE

Alright, if you are ready to map out YOUR course then it’s time to book your complimentary consultation >>HERE now!

Let us help you get your message out!


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