Naming Your eCourse So It Sells

3 Steps To Name Your eCourse So it will Sell!

For all of my clients, we have a tried and true method for naming your eCourse so it sells to your audience and performs well in Ads. You want to consider this method for even the modules in your course syllabus. (click to tweet) Every name in your online course needs to be enticing learners to want to buy and complete your program.
1) Who exactly is your online course for?
Include in the course title the name of your audience. How would they describe themselves? Moms? Entrepreneurs? Freelancer? Divorcee? Military Spouse? Don’t include in the name what YOU call them. If I see another ‘heart centered’ or ’emotional’ type of a name in a title I am going to scream. Who in their right mind would ever call themselves ‘heart centered’? What are the words THEY identify with so as soon as they read it they know ‘oh this is for me!’
2) What is the benefit to them? What problem are you solving?
Specifically, name what the problem is in their own words. Ensure it is something they identify with externally, not some deeply buried hidden problem you know the course deals with down the line. What’s going to attract them because you can help them with this issue you’ve clearly defined?
3) Myth Buster!
If there is something you know your audience needs to ‘get over’ immediately when they read the name of your online course or to help them fully understand the problem you are solving, then tackle it right then.
These are great in parenthesis or as a byline. For example, a lead magnet I created to lead my audience into my VA training program is called “How to Work From Home (without selling anything!)” I could and may eventually include WHO my program is for (e.g. military wives guide to working from home without selling anything or Moms Guide, Travel Lovers Guide, etc.). But what you WILL notice is the parentheses (without selling anything). Why? Because I know that everyone is going to read ‘work from home’ and think scams, MLM, network marketing, and so on. I knew I needed to bust through that myth right away so they would continue the journey with me.
You can and should use this recipe for any of your digital products, whether it’s an eCourse, eBook, photo download- whatever! Name it something that’s going to STICK with your audience and let them know its for them, how it’s going to help, and any issues they don’t need to worry about.
I would LOVE to give you some feedback on your course title, comment it below so I can give you some custom tips!
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