We have more work than we can handle right now so we are looking for a new sales copywriter to join the team!


What We Need:

Someone extremely skilled and comfortable with writing sales copy – whether that is long form sales pages, email series, web copy, SEO blog posts, or email copy.

  • Must be able to write engaging and high quality sales copy that encourages prospective customers to read, understand and buy.
  • Must be a seasoned sales copywriter with examples of amazing writing style to prove it. You’ll have at least 3-5 years of sales copywriting, copyediting and proofreading experience.
  • Able to write content to optimize SEO.
  • Understanding of writing with a call-to-action.
  • Ability to adjust fluidly with an evolving brand voice.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including rules of composition and grammar, spelling, and punctuation as well as more “punchy” direct response or sales oriented communications
  • You take initiative, research and dig in before asking a bunch of questions or letting lack of knowledge stop you!


BONUS (but not a must)

Teachable, ClickFunnels, WordPress or other online LMS software experience

Asana + Slack experience


How This Works:

We are an agency, we get the work and train you on our processes and procedures.

We have fixed quotes for things based on what we can charge clients based on average market value. We do not pay by the hour, we pay a set rate for a project.

We keep a list of preferred and trained service providers we give work to when it comes in. We let you know the budget and desired turnaround time and then collaborate on how to best move ahead.

You work with our operations manager, CFO and any other team members in order to get the project done.

We pay 50-75% up front for long term projects and the rest on final delivery to the client.

You may not have work from us for a few weeks and then a shit ton all of a sudden. Sometimes you can do the work we have, sometimes you have too many other projects. We get it. But if you commit to a project and start / completion / budget then you are expected to see it through. Sometimes projects go too long so we appreciate flexibility, but we make every effort to keep projects on track and request more money for your additional time.

This is not an employee, salary, retainer or hourly position.


Why Work With Us:

I’ve been called the coolest ‘boss’ ever. I am usually the girls’ favorite person to work with.

We pay fairly and timely. We value you and your time and have a very high standard of excellence. You will get feedback and are expected to rock at what you do but we do NOT micromanage. Get your shit done and delivered in high quality when you said you would- done and done.

You don’t ever have to deal with our clients directly but do get to learn and work with some of the coolest course content on the web. We’ve done courses for celebrity psychologists, famous speakers and authors, transformational coaches, expensive tools… you are essentially paid to learn.

We work with anyone around the world and in any timezone.


Who Should NOT Apply:

  • You have a bunch of upcoming projects and/or vacations.
  • You don’t have any sales copywriting experience – sorry this isn’t for you.
  • You aren’t fluent in reading + writing in English. Sorry, our client’s courses are in English and we only do light copyediting.


How to Apply:

Send your resume, or website, or linkedin that best shows why you qualify for this

and samples or references to deya(at)contentbank.co

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