eCourse Step 5: Launch Resources

Top 5 Strategies Your eCourse Launch Plan Needs

Launching your online course is the scariest part! While I do not offer launch support for clients, I’ve launched my own courses several times and launched many digital products in my lifetime. Here are some of my top tips you can take to your launch manager.

  1. List Build Like a Boss

You absolutely cannot try to sell a course via a direct Facebook Ad. You need to be backing into your course launch date with some serious list building and KLT building (know, like, trust). I always do a bunch of free challenges, online classes, templates, eBooks, informational live videos, anything and everything to direct people to my email list and pages so I can remarket to them with my course down the line. Having a group of beloved followers is much easier to pitch to then a cold audience.

  1. Back Into Your Launch Dates With Powerful Content Marketing

To build upon the first strategy, you should be actively using content marketing methods to back into your launch date. For example, if your course opens for Enrollment January 1st then you want to be preparing your list and followers for the pitch before then. Have a plan for what blogs, webinars, free guides, challenges, etc you are going to offer 12 weeks ahead of your launch date and count down from there.

  1. Limit Enrollment

There must be some reason your audience should buy your course now. There are tons of ways to do this but we call all of them “limiters”. Your limiter could be the number of students you admit, how often the course is open for enrollment each year, special bonus items you only have a certain amount of, special bonus items only available if they act within 20 minutes, or a limited time price reduction, etc. Usually, you want a mix of these. The best ones I’ve found that work well is limiting Enrollment times, the amount you enroll at a time, and special bonus items if they act within the even smaller timeline.

  1. Invite Your Audience Along the Journey With You

Nobody wants to buy from a robot or a big brand and then get ignored afterward. You want to create a story for your audience that they can see themselves in. Make it so they can see themselves in your story and want to join you for the rest of the journey. Be vulnerable and ruthlessly authentic with even the ugly parts of the journey- people want real and they want to connect with authenticity.

  1. Proper Pricing

I get asked this a lot, “how much do you think I can sell this course for?” And the answer is always- I HAVE NO IDEA UNTIL IT’S BUILT! Generally, it’s based on the hours of content, how much value/transformation is going to occur, and if you have testimonials or if it’s the first time you’re offering it. If it’s the first time you’re offering it then you need to have it at a lower limited time rate and lots of bonuses for the first few people. If it’s just 2 hours or less you’re stuck at $49-97. If it’s a ton of content and you already have testimonials then you can go for the $497-997 range. Everything else is somewhere in between. Numbers that work well are $149 and $197. Always offer a payment plan when it’s 497+ but ensure you’ve protected your content. If they don’t make the second payment then you need to be able to get them out of the program quickly. These are all my top launch strategies you should be implementing, what questions do you have about your course launch that I can help with? Comment below!

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