What We Do.

We monetize your expertise by creating online courses, workshop curriculum and content marketing materials your audience will love.

We can repurpose any current content you already have or build complete products from scratch.

All without you having to lift a finger.


Online Course +

Live Workshop

Your expertise can bring in more revenue than just your book, talk or blog alone. Let us take your content and repurpose it into a fresh course you can sell over and over again that your audience will be clamoring for. Let us simplify your online course design with scripts, slides, handouts, videos and site setup. Or just show up to your live workshop with all the slides, workbook and room ready to go.  Click to Learn More



Content Domination

Our bank of your content means we can repurpose your videos or audios into a monthly content marketing plan that sounds authentically like you and dominates a busy online conversation. We offer video editing, podcast creation, blog writing, email newsletters, Instagram and Pinterest content and growth management, Facebook Messenger Bot setup + all other social channels with a unified theme according to your business goals. Click to Learn More 



Program Management

Your membership site, digital products, product marketing copy and the vast amount of content repurposing projects need creative direction and management. We help clients that do or do not already have a team get their creative processes streamlined and products delivered. Click to Learn More


On Site Education

You don’t need a keynote speaker or someone trying to pitch their wares. You just need someone to simply educate your audience. Someone not trying to sell anything of their own and just there to serve and teach. We offer virtual or on-site education services on a variety of topics for your mastermind, live event, retreat, online program, or audience and simply charge our hourly or day rate. Book a consultation to chat about your needs

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Languages Spoken

We offer services and courses in 8 different languages

Cups of Coffee Drank

Our international team works around the world, someone is always awake and ready to respond to you!

Countries Lived in

We work in 7 different countries around the world as native English speakers or in the language of your courses choice!

Courses Made

We’ve made over 20 incredible courses from start to finish for clients and contributed content to an additional 5.

Olivia Wallis / Online Business Launch Manager

With The Content Bank handling my project I was able to focus on the pressing issues while knowing everything that was going to be important later on was being taking care of in the background. They were able to give me clear and specific guidance to get my branding and message to where I wanted it to be. I felt they went over and above making it just right and we’re very patient in adapting to all my time constraints to give them feedback. I am exceptionally happy about the end result!

Gretchen Breuner / Professional Speaking Coach

I’ve worked with Esther on a number of high profile client projects. What impresses me most is her willingness to jump in and be an effective and efficient team player and project manager. She’s approachable, open and a very quick learner.  She implements product management systems (seamlessly), keeps things on track, is incredibly creative with the content she produces. Most of all, Esther has a great attitude and remains unruffled and calm in the face of multiple tasks and projects. I always look forward to working with Esther!

Baptiste Grieve / Unimersiv

We love the courses Esther does for us! She is able to produce a top notch course on a variety of topics. Her classes are fun, informative, and engaging. Our students love to learn from her and we plan to continue utilizing her excellent teaching and technology skills for many more courses to come.

Tina May / Institute of Code

Esther is one of those fierce business women who is intimidatingly talented and at the same time inspires you to be the best version of yourself. I’ve worked with her in a few different capacities and have no problem recommending to her to anyone I meet … If you want to develop an online or in-person course, create an effective online funnel or build a remote online career she is your girl.

Rodney Miles Tabor / Best Selling Author

Competent, cheerful, brilliant, aesthetic… the PERFECT product creation source!

Jared & Alana Mitchell, Skincare by Alana

We really wanted to do an online course but were completely overwhelmed with all there was to do on top of our normal Skincare business. Esther & The Content Bank helped us get the entire course completed AND the assets to support the launch effortlessly. It turned out beautifully without us having to do anything but show up for a few calls. We feel extremely confident going into our launch now and refer everyone we know that wants to shift into the passive income niche to The Content Bank

Company Pillars

There are the 5 pillars our team strive to work for every client, every project, every day.

Deliver Epic Shit

Our #1 goal is to craft epic content for our clients. Whether its a webinar, web copy, blog, course, workbook- whatever. It’s friggen awesome every damn time.

Own Your Mistakes

We take responsibility for when we’ve made a mistake and work to make it right as soon as possible. We don’t play the blame game and value each other more then we value ‘being right’ therefore taking responsibility even when fault is indiscernible is encouraged

Critique Early & Often

We are always eager and open to all feedback + critique. We don’t take it personally because all we care about is striving for excellency.

Under Promise, Over Deliver

We always under promise work and deadlines to our clients or each other and we always deliver early

When You Grow, I Grow

We encourage an environment of mentoring, shadowing, sharing, education, training and knowledge sharing. We are generous with our knowledge and encourage transparency with of your pursuits within and outside of the Content Bank

Want to See Some Samples?

Here’s the thing, we can’t share samples to just anyone due to confidentiality with our influencer clients. But we have plenty and some incredible references we’d be happy to share after we have a chat! Grab a chat with our CEO & Founder, Esther via the link below!

Our Team



CEO & Founder



Chief Operations Officer



Curriculum Designer



Chief Executive Officer



Graphic Design + Video Editing



Senior Editor



ClickFunnels strategist and builder



Content Writer + Web Development



Senior Curriculum Designer



Senior Technical Developer


Resources on the Blog

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Let's see how we can monetize YOUR expertise!